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For women who have suffered from breast cancer, Lattice Medical has developed the MATTISSE bioprosthesis, a 3D-printed bioresorbable tissue engineering chamber. Our 6 years of research at the Lille University Hospital have enabled us to come up with an innovative solution, offering simplified, natural and appropriate breast reconstruction.

The MATTISSE implant is made from a medical-grade resorbable biomaterial shaped by 3D printing.

MATTISSE consists of a porous base to fix the autologous tissue to be regenerated and a dome to give the desired volume and shape. Thanks to 3D printing, we can develop numerous sizes and shapes to make the prosthesis suitable for reconstruction.

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Thanks to the materials of which it is made, the MATTISSE bioprosthesis will naturally resorb in the first few months following implantation.

Insertion of the fat flap into the prosthesis.

Regeneration of the fat flap and onset of prosthesis degradation.

Naturally reconstructed breasts

Our clinical study on the MATTISSE bioprosthesis

Our first clinical investigation is dedicated to breast reconstruction in order to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the MATTISSE breast reconstruction implant. The aim of the study is to first assess clinical safety in 10 patients and then the device’s clinical performance in 40 patients. This study is the first non-comparative, two-stage, single-arm study in humans.

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Our production platform

Lattice Medical has set up a unique and innovative 3D printing production tool, located in a clean room in order to comply with regulations and quality standards for medical devices. Thanks to this industrial tool, we address multiple therapeutic applications for the regeneration of autologous adipose tissue. This unique production facility gives us total flexibility and versatility in a short, local supply chain.

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