Lille, January 17, 2024LATTICE MEDICAL, labeled FrenchTech 2030 is proud to announce that it has been awarded 6 million euros in funding for the LIPOTEC project, as part of the i-Demo call for projects “Support for structuring R&D&I projects”, part of the France 2030 investment plan.

The LIPOTEC research program, centered on our MATTISSE bioprosthesis, aims to obtain reimbursement for the device in all therapeutic indications for breast reconstruction, by consolidating our planned European clinical trials following CE marking. At the same time, it includes the development of a digital twin of MATTISSE to support surgical planning and custom 3D printing of breast reconstruction implants using our additive manufacturing platform dedicated to the development and manufacture of implantable medical devices. LIPOTEC is a five-year project which will create 10 additional jobs at LATTICE MEDICAL.

LATTICE MEDICAL will work in partnership with ONCOLille and in particular the INSERM CANTHER U1277 laboratory, which specializes in understanding the mechanisms of resistance to cancer treatments.

This significant funding marks a crucial step forward in our project. Lattice Medical would like to express its gratitude to all the stakeholders in the France 2030 program, the SGPI (Secrétariat Général Pour l’Investissement), the AIS (Agence Innovation Santé), BPIFrance and the FrenchTech teams.

LATTICE MEDICAL is a French Medtech company of 25 employees and labelled FrencTech 2030, whose aim is to provide patients and healthcare professionals with personalized tissue reconstruction solutions through a combination of biomaterials, tissue engineering and 3D printing technologies. The first technology developed by the company is the MATTISSE bioprosthesis.

INSERM CANTHER U1277: The CANTHER “Heterogeneity, Plasticity and Resistance to Cancer Therapies” laboratory is a joint research unit dedicated to understanding the mechanisms of resistance to cancer treatments. The teams that make up CANTHER are developing multidisciplinary fundamental and translational research of excellence on the themes of treatment resistance and tumor dormancy.

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