Lattice Medical is committed to the development of FemTech for women’s health.

As a French company specialising in breast reconstruction, Lattice Medical is proud to be part of the FemTech France association. The aim of this association is to support the creation and deployment of innovative projects dedicated to women’s health. Through our involvement, we are highlighting the importance of developing specific innovations to meet women’s needs, particularly in the field of breast reconstruction after total mastectomy due to breast cancer.

What is FemTech?

FemTech, a contraction of “female technology“, refers to all technologies designed to improve women’s health and well-being. This sector is booming, reflecting the increasing attention being paid to women’s health and the need to develop appropriate solutions.

This growth reflects a collective awareness of the unique health challenges facing women, which require specialised and tailored solutions.

Lattice Medical at the heart of innovation for women’s health

We are actively involved in the development of medical technologies designed to improve the lives of women, particularly those faced with breast reconstruction following total mastectomy for breast cancer. Our MATTISSE bioprosthesis represents a significant advance in the field of breast reconstruction: the operation is carried out in a single operation.

A call for innovation in women’s health

While the field of men’s health benefits from constant innovation, these advances are not always adapted to the specific needs of women. Lattice Medical is calling for particular attention to be paid to areas of women’s health that require specialist solutions.


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